The company was founded in January 2000 and rapidly established a strong client base and an excellent international reputation. Artists are provided with the best possible national and international opportunities to further their careers.

Over the years we have cemented strong relationships with US Agents, Managers and Casting Directors, creating many opportunities for our clients in the US market.

With a focus on new media, SBA Voices opens the door for our voice artists to break into an ever-growing industry.

Sue Barnett brings to the company over 30 years experience at principal agencies in Australia and the UK. She is supported by professional and experienced staff.

Sue Barnett:
Alex Torino:
Senior Theatrical Agent and SBA Voices
Michael Ferrara:
Director of Development and Senior Theatrical Agent
Veronica Taylor:
Senior Theatrical Agent
Louise Rooth:
Senior Theatrical Agent
Jayc Laurence Sheahan:
Theatrical Agent
Amit Bhure:
Head of Accounts
Sandra Fernando:
Accounts Assistant
Kerrie Ryan: